How to Take Care of Your Car Batteries

It almost never fails. You're headed out for another busy day in Huber Heights, and find that your vehicle's battery died overnight. However, chances are that you may have had warning signs that something was wrong with your battery and you just didn't recognize them. It's essential that you understand the reasons your battery might run out of juice so quickly, how the elements play a role in your battery's lifespan, and the top signs that your battery is troubled.

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Battery Service FAQs

Rather than wonder why your battery is failing, read these common questions our service technicians get, and their answers.

What are the most common signs that my battery is failing?

If your engine seems to take forever to start, or your lights dim when you turn on the climate control, your battery likely needs replacing. Age also plays a factor, since most batteries only deliver about three years of service before they need to be replaced.


Does weather have anything to do with my battery dying?

Absolutely! Extreme temperatures -- both hot and cold -- can do terrible things to a battery. It's always a good idea to have your battery tested after a long, cold winter to ensure that it's ready for spring and the summer months ahead.

Do short drives help or hurt my battery?

If your daily driving is mostly just commuting around Dayton or Fairborn and you don't drive for longer than 20 minutes or so, you could be doing your battery wrong. Taking a longer drive helps to completely recharge your battery, while multiple short trips place more demand on it.

We Service and Sell Car Batteries

When you think your battery might be at its end, your best course of action is to make the easy trip from Vandalia or Englewood OH to one of our Service Centers. Our SVG Motors service technicians will take a closer look, examine the battery's fluid levels, and offer you the honest advice you can trust. If you should need a new battery, we have plenty of options available and can install a new one and get you back to your life in a hurry. We strive to provide Dayton drivers with a superior value, whether you need car battery replacement or just need some TLC to keep your vehicle running its best.


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