Most everyone has heard of CarFax. Their tagline is "Show me the CarFax!" Their mascot is an adorable fox who wears a t-shirt. But is CarFax all it's cracked up to be?

Here at SVG, we say YES. CarFax reports are a great tool to let you know all of the critical details about the vehicle you're looking to purchase. This valuable report lets you learn several things about your potential new ride, including:
  • How many owners the vehicle has had;
  • If the vehicle has been in an accident;
  • If the vehicle has had damage reported;
  • If the airbags have been deployed;
  • If the odometer reading is accurate;
  • If the vehicle is currently under warranty, along with much more valuable data.
At SVG Motors, we provide everyone with a CarFax report so that you have full knowledge of the vehicle's history. We are proud to offer this tool and hope you see the value in it. Our philosophy of being transparent with everyone means that we will share what we know with you.
Categories: Pre-Owned Inventory

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